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Empowering Businesses with Litigation and Managed Services

In an increasingly global business world, Glocal LPO is ushering top-class legal process

outsourcing services. We are your partners in the legal process and progress.

Partnering with businesses to improve legal efficiencies.

We put forward the best version of ourselves to offer end-to-end managed document review,

contracts, document review, and legal research solutions.

From the Law of Lawyering to the Law of Legal Outsourcing

As the world evolved, so did the laws in USA, UK and Canada. Data privacy, scrutiny and protection became vital matters of interest.

To stay compliant, gone are the days businesses relied on lawyers. Today is the time for legal process outsourcing. As a Global LPO, we can handle large datasets for corporations. With professional attorneys in our in-house team, we boast vast experience and industry-best expertise.


Maintaining the integrity and security of sensitive information is crucial to Glocal LPO’s success. We follow strict compliance that respects your privileged data.


We tailor our services as per your specific business and legal requirements. Our team follows strict legal processes and codes, but is always flexible in approach.


With Glocal LPO, you enjoy advantage with affordability. Our solutions are cost-effective and aimed at solving your complex legal data functions.

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We are here to help you with best expertise in the industry while providing you every possible opportunity to reach your budgetary dreams.

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The Glocal LPO’s team solemnly affirm by the firm’s ethics and legacy. Their focus has been clients and each client is considered a special partner. The team has been meticulously chosen and it is a perfect combination of Business Leaders, qualified Business Development Managers, Industry Experts, Lawyers and top Law Graduates. They are always available to speak to you and assist you with your requirements.

Kunal Jaggi

Founder and CEO of Glocal LPO

Kunal is the Founder and CEO of Glocal LPO, and has over 15+ years of rich entrepreneurial, sales and operations experience. He is also the Founder and CEO of Head Field Solutions, which has been a market leader in every aspect of the recruitment outsourcing lifecycle since 2007. Kunal’s companies provide high quality offshore Recruitment, Digital, Accounting and Virtual Assistant services to clients based out of USA & Canada. After being a front-runner in the outsourcing business for years, Glocal LPO was a natural extension of Kunal’s successful business lines, which he founded with a vision to offer world class alternative legal services to the law firms and corporates in US, Canada and Europe. Today, Glocal LPO has grown from strength to strength and has become a trusted boutique legal outsourcing partner for its clients.

Kunal is a people’s CEO and he believes in delighting his internal customers, i.e., the employees over everything else. Due to his people centric plans and policies, he is now considered as one of India’s highest ranking CEOs in the outsourcing and offshoring industry.